Super Absorbent

We promise our customer to provide them with the best in class sanitary napkins which can absorb 2-3 times more amount of fluid than any other traditional pads. Our pads have natural crystal like particles to lock twice the moisture and make you feel dry and confident.

Health Protection

Our pads are accompanied with high density anion strip which is placed under the soft cotton lining. These strips get activated due to the moisture and friction while you wear the pad. The Anion strips major motive is to kill all harmful bacteria and also to assure oxygen flow into the blood. These strips are known to emit up to 6070 anions per centimeter that prevents growth and survival of the viruses and bacteria. It also helps in eliminating odour and also comforting the women during their hard days. We have made sure the whole process remains free of any chemicals.


Our pads ensure comfort and ease as they come with soft cottony cover which is placed next to skin and avoid irritation as well.

Air Permeability

The base of our pads permits air flow and avoid water resistance to assure higher level of hygiene.  These pads are designed to minimize gynecological problems and infection due to bacteria.

Our Mission

Our only motive is to serve the women of our society and gift them pleasant life against all they did for us. We believe they are the true builders to the world and they deserve a comfortable and a joyous life.

Our Team

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

He is the founder of New feel India. He is an innovative man, who dreams to have a Nation where women feel empowered, and walk the streets with pride.
Chetan Patel

Chetan Patel

Managing Director
The managing director and the true soul to the brand New feel India. He believes women are the backbone to a strong society. Thus, his motive is to make sure they stand strong and bold.