NewFeel is a sanitary napkin brand of Proctus Lifecare LLP with theĀ ultimate motive of serving the female sector of the society. The company laid its foundation stone in Gujarat. The planning stage for the company was executed by Mr. Sagar Patel who is the founder and the source to the concept. He dream of a nation where women feel empowered and strong even during their hard days and this gave birth to the revolutionary idea.

The idea was then put to action by Mr. Chetan Patel the Managing Director for NewFeel India. His had a strong belief that the Nation can hold strong only if women are given power and their strength is supported by trust.
The company offers the widest range of Sanitary Napkins, depending upon the choices of the customers. There are three major variants to the products which includes Ultimate, Unique and Stylish. The range of products covers the Napkins for both day and night use.

The factories prepare the product under complete supervision and the material goes through strict quality check to assure complete hygiene. The odour control technology used in the sanitary pads assures that women feel fresh all through the day. There are long wings to support all body shape and structures and thin pads to make them feel comfortable.

The soft cotton shield not only provides ease and comfort but the design of the pads makes sure that the flow is absorbed to a great extent to keep the user dry and avoid clumsiness. Each pack comes with 8 pads and is sold both on medical & general stores and online markets to reach comparatively more customers.
NewFeel India plans to extend its area of supply to around the Nation in coming decade and is targeting the major part of the whole sale market for the product. Not only this but the company is planning to launch compete range of women care item in future and make the logo stand the international market.